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January 22, 2022

Backyarding Trends in 2022: TurfMutt Foundation Predicts Americans Will Continue to Expand Outdoor Living
(NAPSI)--"Backyarding"--the trend to move indoor activities outdoors that was made popular during the pandemic --is here to stay and will continue to expand in 2022, according to the TurfMutt ...... More >>

Ring In The New Year With An 'Anti' Resolution List
(NAPSI)--As the world celebrates the new year, many will make an annual list of resolutions and goals, which often include improving overall health and fitness.  As we continue to weather ...... More >>

Helping The Nervous System Heal Itself
(NAPSI)--For decades, medical researchers struggled to solve the mystery of how to reverse paralysis caused by serious spinal cord injuries. Finally, hope appears to be at hand.  Making Mice ...... More >>

Nine Things NOT To Do This Holiday Season
(NAPSI)--Keeping your mail secure is always a priority for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, but during the holidays it's even more important to keep your mail safe and your holidays happy. ...... More >>

New Invention May Reduce The Need For Masks
(NAPSI)--A new approach to indoor ventilation has been developed that can significantly decrease the risk of COVID and influenza outbreaks in schools, offices and other indoor environments, and even ...... More >>

Processing And Delivering The U.S. Mail
(NAPSI)--Here's intriguing information on how mail gets processed--something everyone should know: The U.S. Postal Service has nearly 34,000 Post Office locations and more than 300 processing ...... More >>

Many Americans Begrudgingly Return To The Office Full Time; Most Expect Mandatory Vaccinations
(NAPSI)--A new nationwide survey, commissioned by OfficeSpace Software and conducted by The Harris Poll, revealed half of those who went into an office prior to the pandemic don't want to do so ...... More >>

Earth Is Dimming Due To Climate Change
(NAPSI)--Warming ocean waters have caused a drop in the brightness of the Earth, according to recent research.  Scientists used decades of measurements of earthshine--the light reflected from Earth that illuminates the surface of the Moon--as well as satellite measurements to find that th... More >>

Simple Packing Tips To Ship Holiday Gifts
(NAPSI)--Sending gifts to friends and family and getting them there intact can be easy, if you know how. Fortunately, the United States Postal Service does and offers these helpful tips: • To ...... More >>

How To Achieve A Healthy Mind And Body In The New Normal
(NAPSI)--The way people live--from how they eat, sleep, work and move their bodies­--has been disrupted in the last year-and-a-half, and adapting to and achieving mind-body balance amid these ...... More >>

How To Reduce Food Waste At Home
by Dr. Jean Buzby (NAPSI)--Here's a cool idea: A clean, well-organized refrigerator can help your family prevent food waste. Three Ways To Fight Food Waste1. Know and, if necessary, ...... More >>

Renters Rely On Reviews And Ratings During Pandemic
(NAPSI)--For renters seeking a new apartment community since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, finding the best place to live has come down to the three Rs--ratings, reviews and ...... More >>

Why Every Student Should Take An Aptitude Test
(NAPSI)--A question many teens are often asked is, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" While becoming a YouTube star or a rock star may be the "official" answer, most people end up ...... More >>

Talk Hernia To Me: Advice For Effective Consultations With Your Doctor
(NAPSI)--An estimated 5 million people in the U.S. have a hernia, yet many struggle to effectively talk with their doctor about symptoms and potential treatment options--but that can be ...... More >>

Three Ways Technology Can Make The Hybrid Environment "Work" For Your Organization
by George Taylor  (NAPSI)--You may well remember the frustrations that defined the "old days" of work--the hustle to get to your desk on time, the inevitable dread of sitting in traffic ...... More >>

New Hope for Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases
(NAPSI)--Scientists have searched for decades without success for ways to repair the devastating damage caused by neurodegenerative diseases, but there are now new compounds in clinical development ...... More >>

Boost Your Kid's Math Skills With Free Tutoring
(NAPSI)--Students across the country are heading back to in-person learning, after a year or more of remote pandemic learning. As many schools re-open, the demand for extra help in math for students ...... More >>

Insulin at 100: How The Discovery Improved Lives
(NAPSI)--The discovery of insulin 100 years ago led to many research and clinical advances that have greatly improved strategies used to help people manage diabetes to live longer and healthier ...... More >>

Getting The Better Of Bullying
(NAPSI)--For many students, learning and school excitement can be stifled by caution and worry about bullying--but it can be alleviated. The Problem Children who are bullied or who bully ...... More >>

Better Health: A New Way To Get Your Medical Supplies
(NAPSI)--Every year millions of people struggle through the confusing and stressful process of finding the right ostomy supplies to manage their health at home. Better Health, a next-generation ...... More >>

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